Shipping Policy

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, please note that all shipments are delayed even within Canada, please be patient with your order, thanks for your understanding.



We currently ship exclusively with Canada Post. So if you're curious about shipping costs and options, add some things to your basket to initiate a checkout. Rates are calculated in real time based on your location. 

Shipping Supplies

Supplies are shipped worldwide using Canada Post's international shipping options, shipping can range from 3 days to over 2 weeks. We cannot control how fast shipping is so please refrain from emailing us about it over and over again. You have the choice of choosing either fast but expensive shipping or slower but more affordable shipping options. 

Live Arrival Guarantee

Right now we only ship live insects and plants within Canada but we can still ship supplies internationally. Any shipments that are a total or partial loss in Canada can be reshipped or a refund of the Insects (minus shipping) may be given. This Live guarantee is only offered for Insects when:

1. Xpresspost or Priority Shipping is chosen

2. if temperatures are below -5C, a winter shipping option should be chose 

3. CLEAR picture of dead insect or plant 24 hrs after package being delivered 

4. for more valuable plant or insects, a 360 degree non-broken video of unboxing is needed for refund. 

International Shipping

We ship all supplies internationally, if the package or packages are lost due to shipping we are not responsible for the packages lost.


Each species is labelled, tarantulas will be in small capsules with damp paper towel, depending on their size and humidity preference. Ants will be shipped in test tubes with a tight cotton against a water reservoir. Termites will be shipped in a test tube with wood and a water reservoir. Moths eggs will be shipped in a small container with proper humidity. Everything will be shipped with bubble wrap filling in all gaps.  

By keeping the shipment as small and compact as possible, we are able to offer low shipping rates.

Please note: It is your responsibility to Pickup the insects at the post office on time if we do not ship straight to your desired address. Packages of insects left over a weekend will not be subject to any sort of refund.