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Lasius Americanus Macrogyne

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These queens just flew! They are all strong queens and have started laying eggs!

This is the macrogyne variant of Lasius americanus, meaning they are bigger in size compared to the microgyne variant. The workers are also larger in appearance. 

Lasius Americanus is a dark coloured Lasius species and is found commonly all over North America, the queens and workers are a mix of black with yellow on the underside of their gasters and legs. Most visible under sunlight.

They are one of the easiest species to found, with brood taking less than 3 weeks to develop from egg to worker. This is one of the best beginner ant species. 

Queens are normally around 7-10mm while workers from 3-5mm.

The colonies of Lasius Americanus can grow to be huge and become very aggressive and territorial, they are very active and are also very good at escaping enclosures. They are also the host species to many of the slave-raiding and parasitic Lasius species all over Canada.

Overall, Lasius Americanus is a very satisfying ant to raise from a single queen into a huge colony, the brood develops super quickly so it wouldn't be long until you would have a blooming colony of Lasius Americanus!