Ponera Pennsylvanica

Ponera Pennsylvanica

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Ponera Pennsylvanica is a very unique looking species that are relatively rare in Canada, they are slow-growing, aggressive, and active. The workers and queens have a orangish-black sheen to them. This is a very rare and cryptic species found in eastern Canada, and only experienced ant-keepers should attempt to keep this species.  

Queens are normally around 2-3mm while workers range from 1.7-2.5mm

The colonies of Ponera pennsylvanica does not exceed over a couple hundred workers, however colonies can be highly polygynous with multiple queens. 
This species almost only relies on tiny isopods or springtails as their food source, not consuming the normal protein or sugary items you may provide to your other ants. 

The queens of this species also found their first generation of workers(nanitics) in a semi-claustral manner meaning that they will leave the founding chamber in search of food for her larvae instead of feeding the larvae straight from her natural fat reserves.