Tetramorium Bicarinatum

Tetramorium Bicarinatum

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These queens flew in summer 2021. They are all strong queens and have now gotten their first workers! 

Tetramorium Bicarinatum, one of the most common canadian ants, also known as The Guinea Ant is one of the lighter species of Tetramorium found in Canada. They are closely related to the more common and dark species Tetramorium Immigrans. The queens and workers are a blackish-yellow coloration with dark shiny bodies. Under the sun or bright light, the workers are extremely eye-catching. 

These ants are not native to Canada and survive by living in the heated homes of people and breeding within their nest. 

At Insect Supplies Canada, we sell live queens, small colonies and even some large colonies of Tetramorium Bicarinatum. They are one of the easiest ants to keep and are considered a great beginner species for all novice antkeepers. It is common for them to grow very quickly and consume large amounts of food in order to feed their young. They will readily take any sugary substance like honey or sugar water as well as any protein you can offer them. 

Queens are normally around 5-7mm while workers from 2-4mm.

The colonies of Tetramorium Bicarinatum can grow very large and become very aggressive and territorial, they are very active and will track down and hunt prey items to feed their fast-developing brood. 

Overall, Tetramorium Bicarinatum is a very satisfying ant to raise from a single queen into a large colony, the brood develops very quickly so it wouldn't be long until you would have a thriving young colony of The Guinea Ant!