The Basement - Small
The Basement - Small
The Basement - Small

The Basement - Small

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"The Basement" is offered in two ways, a pre-assembled option, and a non-assembled option. The pre-assembled option comes ready to use, while the non-assembled option requires you to piece them together yourself. 

Video tutorial on how to assemble the nest:

Although it has a comedic name, The Basement - Small is a great nest for usual rock and log nesting ants. This Nest comes with a light-blocking red film to cover up the nest, and can also be used to separate each Chamber to control the nesting area.

There is a small hole in the bottom left-hand side of the nest that can be watered from the top using a syringe, this allows you to control the humidity everywhere in the nest. The outworld has 1 detachable covers, and a singular 10mm hole designed to move in an ant colony via vinyl tubing. 

By far the most unique thing about this nest is that you can easily open up the chambers from above the ants, all 4 chambers have this and those detachable covers are clipped in by 4 small black supports, this is used to make any cleanups necessary inside the nest and to maybe even steal some brood for brood boosting or sell it for a little bit of extra cash. 

The outworlds lid clips in and are airtight, and also features small laser cut micro gaps to allow for ideal ventilation. The Basement can be assembled and disassembled with ease for better cleanups or other changes. 

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