Beginner Ants

Antkeeping is usually a pretty simple hobby, as most species are not as demanding as say a dog or a cat, however some may have certain requirements that make them slightly more difficult to care for. 

In this collection, I have gathered a few species that I believe is very easy to care for and with the help of our care guides, everyone should be able to care for these species with no problem. 

These species vary in size and colouration, and just because they are easy to care for, does not mean they are not fun to watch or dull in colour. For example: Camponotus Novaeboracensis is one of the largest and most colourful ant species in Canada, whilst also being incredibly easy to keep. 

The ants included in this collection will consume many different types of commonly offered food, including sugary substance, protein(mealworms and Crickets) and will thrive under a variety of different environments and more  tolerant to temperature shifts.